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Saucye West
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Monday, August 3, 2015

In case you didn't know

Confidence isn't something that is learned. We all have it. Some have higher doses than others. But the beautiful thing is that we all have it! So use your confidence to combat the negativity that may come from others or even from your own insecurities. You make people more mad when you show that you love yourself despite of the insecurities that they think you should have. Prove them wrong! 
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Shirt by @chubbycartwheels

Monday, June 1, 2015

Quick minute of makeup

I'm not a professional MUA but I get asked about how I apply makeup. So here's what I've learned over the years. When you are doing bold eye looks please please please blend out the harsh lines!! And use at lease 2 transition colors! One color that is similar to your skin color, then another one a little darker. You may even need a third depending on the look. Transitions work so that when you blend the colors melt together. Your shadow should look seamless from color to color. You should have several blending brushes. And when blending always use a clean brush with no product to help from transferring color to the wrong places. And always use a primer whether it be concealer or whatever. You have to make the eye neutral so that your colors will show up on your skin. Especially if you are darker complected. Have fun and play with your make up. Trial and error is the best way to learn.  

Friday, February 27, 2015

Quickie: Why are you a plus designer?

A) You can't dress a body over a size 20. You get frustrated with my belly. You want to drape me in fabric instead of making things that hug my body.

B) You complain about dressing bodies over size 20 that are not a certain body type. Sorry even if I wear a spanx. Guess what? I'm still gonna have a belly! So one that is innovative and open will be willing to set the standard and make chic fashions for plus size bodies. But you complain.... Something is wrong

C) You have the nerve to charge me more because you claim you have to use more fabric to make me a piece? This is just lame. No one knows more than me what a labor of love is when it comes to making clothes. being in the industry I have seen designers work tirelessly being their machines, creating. But do not punish us for wanting clothes! Plus size does not stop at size 20! We are not mutants or aliens we deserve fair pricing. Just like everyone else! Fair is fair!

D) You are an undercover fat-shamer. I see your Facebook post. I hear the conversations. I see it... And so does everyone else. How are you suppose to be apart of a movement. Supposedly creating clothing for plus size bodies and you yourself are probably plus size. And you are talking about plus size women????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

E) You want to be skinny yourself...

Unfortunately I have come across all these things being in the industry. It is truly a form of discrimination I am tired of. And I will not support you. Period

Thank you

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Big Ole Pretty Girls presents Every Loves a Big Ole Pretty Girl fashion showcase!

Yolanda Harbin-Venson is a clothing designer here in the Bay Area and if you follow me you have seen me in several of her shows. This is the opportunity for you to get your hands on your own custom pieces from her line as well as other Bay Area designers that will be showcasing. This is also a great opportunity to get on the runway for any aspiring models in the area. Go to Facebook and like the Big Ole Pretty Girls page for updates on this event and also to get ticket information. Also go to to check out the collection. I hope to see you all at this fantastic event!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

How I Celebrate Saucye

 This blog is inspired by another blog I read on recently that has gotten a lot of buzz on the net. But for me it was something I always have preached and practiced and still love by. Society sees us in a certain light in the plus-size community. They are quick to point out the negatives about our bodies because of their fear of becoming fat. But our job as size activist and proud fatties is to represent this life as confident, healthy individuals so that we can prove the naysayers wrong. So I will also do the body diagram with one exception I will not post what people see wrong with me. I am only going to post what I feel about myself, because I am the only person that matters. Sarah was on point when she said that we have to love every part of ourselves, I tell people who come to me for advice on self-love and body acceptance that when you able to look in the mirror and love roll in your beautiful bakery without trepidation. That is when the things that people think of you will no longer exist and you do not have to live up to anyone’s standard. But instead create your own.  So I know I will get people asking am I glorifying obesity and the answer is no. I am glorifying being healthy, confident and beautiful at every size. Owning who you are and loving yourself regardless!

Curvy Girl Lingerie Cover Model!!

I was so honored when the owner of Curvy Girl Lingerie, Chrystal Bougon, asked if I would be one of her cover models! I recently did a shoot with the other chosen models and it was a great experience. Chrystal is trying to showcase models that are all shapes and sizes so that women will feel comfortable and confident wearing sexy clothing. I am honored to be a representative of that. To read more about this click on this link Currently Curvy Girl is running a GoFundMe Campagin so that they can raise money to continue with this campaign. So if you feel oh so inclined go and visit the page and give to this awesome campaign. So you can see more women that look just like you, loving and being confident in their bodies!

Click on the image to view this item

Click on image to view this item

Curvy Girl Lingerie

1535 Meridian Ave Suite #30
San Jose Ca, 95125

Photography by Vincent Arrigali