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Saucye West
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Monday, July 28, 2014

August 2014 Very Full Figured Magazine

I was blessed again to be featured in Very Full Figured Magazine, but this time as the cover model! This honor includes a 4 page spread of some of my other work. I am so excited about this and I am hoping that this is the beginning of many more covers for me. Please go check it out and purchase

Curvy Couture by Cherice Jackson

After admiring this designer from afar, I was honored to wear her clothing at this years West Coast Caribbean Fashion show! Her name is Cherice Jackson and the line is called Curvy Couture. Her motto is "Be your own kind of beautiful", and that is how you feel when you are in her clothing. She makes clothing for all sizes and for me being a plus model size 28 that is very important. She also uses models of all sizes on the runway. Which symbolizes a direct reflection of what she believes in as well as making the model an inspriation to women who may be watching, that they too can be their own kind of beautiful. Her line is vast, ranging from Comfy t-shirts that she coins her "empowerment" t-shirts. She also carries fun and flirty maxi dresses and sexy pieces that will have you wanting more. Anything you need she can also custom make as well. Ms. Jackson is on the fast track to fashion success! Already being featured in Queen Size Magazine and Jamila Jay's Designer Spotlight, which will be airing soon! So please go and like her page on Facebook and start ordering and look for her on a runway near you...

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Plush Cat ~ Big on Batik

Part of the fun in Las Vegas was having a photo shoot with Satu Vuorenmaa the genius behind the plus size clothing line Big on Batik . Now let's talk about versitility... this line goes up to a size 8x! And let me tell you the styles are fun, sexy and fresh! Our shoot focused more on swimwear and summer dresses. This line carries bikinis for us fierce fatties that you ca wear with a sarong or one of her many comfy cotton coverups! So check out the sneak peak below. More pictures to follow on my facebook page. Go to the site and order today! And mention that you heard it from Saucye "Your favorite fat girls, favorite fat girl"! Enjoy!

Congratulations Tigress!

I accompanied my mentor to Las Vegas last week for the beginning of Well-Rounded, a plus size event that happens yearly. Filled with activities, themed dances and pool parties, geared toward the plus size community and its admirers and supporters. At the formal event this year they presented an award to our own Tigress Osborn CEO of Full Figure Entertainment for her work in the BBW community. It was a total surprise to her which is hard to do LOL! For she is a career driven woman, activist, author and the list goes on. I am so proud of her for the accomplishments that she has made. And very grateful to have her as a mentor and friend. You deserve it!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I love Kix'ies!

I recently did a photo shoot with Teresa Trobbe (Photos posted soon) and I went to Curvy Girl Lingerie to pick up a pair of Kix'ies Thigh Highs that I seen featured in the Curvy Girl Lingerie fashion show this past June and I was determined to try out these stockings. And they went beyond my expectations! They were so comfortable and soft on the skin. And they made my thighs look great. I have found with other plus brands that they do not stay on my legs and give me that unflattering tight ring on my legs. But the technology that is used to make these thigh loving stockings is amazing! I love them and the price? Affordable! So if you are local (SF Bay Area) Go directly to Curvy Girl and tell them Saucye sent you. or you can also order online at Enjoy!

July Issue of Very Full Figured Magazine

I was featured in a 2-page spread in Very Full Figured Magazine! This is my first published work as a model and I am very excited about the things that are to come. So please go and check out the issue and purchase!

Curvy Girl Lingerie Fashion Show

On June 6th, I was blessed with the opportunity to attend the second annual fashion show for Curvy Girl Lingerie! And it was a great experience, hobnobbing with Fierce Fatty Royalty and having a great time! All different shapes of plus were represented in this fleshy extravaganza. I could have taken home every piece that was showcased. Chrystal Bougon the owner of Curvy Girl out did herself with awesome gift bags, yummy food and a plethora of vendors that carried everything from chocolate martinis to at home yoga classes. Her and her team made everyone feel so welcome. enough for me to go to the store the following week and purchase some of the Kix'ies Thigh high stockings that the models wore in the show that were guaranteed not to roll down. And they didn't!! Please go and check out her store in San Jose California at 1535 Meridian Ave. Or go to the website and order to your hearts content, for a lot of the styles go up t 5x!